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What we do


Our research and projects have been conducted throughout the world, including: Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guyana, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, South Africa and the United States.


Our products have included studies of household behavior, equity, health policy, labor markets, public expenditures and corruption; research monographs on human rights and conflict resolution; and management and training for project evaluations.

Economic Analysis & Training

Providing analysis and recommendations to promote the equitable provision of social services.

Applied studies that provide insights into public policy issues and recommendations that are relevant, feasible, and specific. Expertise on social services in developing countries, encompassing questions of financing, incentives, equity, management, and regulation.

Training in methods of economic analysis and project development. Courses designed for different formats and levels, ranging from seminars for understanding the context of social policymaking to hands-on experience with specific methods of analysis.

Synthesis and Writing

Synthesizing and framing research to make it directly useful for policymakers, advocates and practitioners.

Synthesis of diverse research projects into succinct comprehensive reports that present insights and recommendations. Complex and extensive research organized, digested and made accessible. Topics include human rights, arms proliferation, ethnic conflict, truth commissions, education, and social development.

Completion of applied research. Gathering dispersed research into unified analytical frameworks. Writing focused monographs from primary information and field studies. Assistance in turning good fieldwork into effective final reports.

Research Management & Dialogues

Managing research projects and facilitating or leading policy dialogues.

Design and supervision of research on the provision of social services in developing countries. Particular expertise in supervising research by institutions in developing countries so as to produce high quality products and build capacity through training in the research phase.

Policy dialogues that convene stakeholders and experts to develop consensus on practical questions. Dialogues managed at high political levels or focused on technical personnel.